A Bollywood Workout that makes you SWEAT. SMILE. GROOVE!

Crazy schedule? No time for self-care?
Try our at-home workout anytime, anywhere!

Starting at $ 9.99/month.


No Matter how busy you are, we got you!

Think you have no time to exercise?
We will get you burning those calories in as little as 20 minutes!

Not just Body, but Rejuvenate your Mind

From the infectious music to upbeat moves, BollyGroove is the most JOYFUL workout you will ever groove to!

Burn up to 700 cals

Go all out and you can burn up to 70 calories in an hour!


Non-stop New Workouts

We curate special workout playlists for you – every WEEK!


Multiple lengths, multiple impacts

Choice of 20-min or 40-min workouts and lower or higher impact depending on what you are in the mood of.

Woman in lotus pose

Don't ignore, RECLAIM your well-being!

Feel Stronger, Healthier and Happier while losing yourself to the melodies and movements of BollyGroove Workouts.

Real-Life Reviews From Real Groovers

Such a great cardio class!! I had no idea I could sweat that much until attending my first bG class. And the smiling - I just couldn't stop, my cheeks started to hurt. These classes are seriously so fun! If you're looking for a way to get your heart rate pumping and have a great time doing it, definitely give Bollywood Groove classes a shot.

- Sarah P

I've only attended a few times but I am hooked.  This is a great workout, the music is amazing.  I leave this class an energized sweaty happy mess!

- Jodi M

I absolutely love Bollywood Dance! It's the most fun cardio workout I've had in a while (and I'm a yoga and fitness instructor), so much fun that I'm actually sad when the class is over- I don't want to stop dancing even though I'm completely drenched in sweat! The music is so fun and the instructors are so energetic.

- Elena T

BG's cardio class is a perfect opportunity for a lazy gym averse being like me to burn some serious calories. I love dancing and this is a great way to combine dance with an intense cardio workout.

- Swarna R


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